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The Set Up of a company is Romania is the right decision for those who wish to enter in a dynamic market and benefit from its fiscal regime, its strong economy and even stronger growth potential!

MORE Consulting offers “One Stop Shop” services and delivers to you a company incorporated with attention to details, customized to your actual and future needs based on the advantageous Romanian taxation system.

With over 17 years of professional experience in Romania and hundreds of happy clients, we guarantee the results that you are looking for.

We plan together the whole process, simplify every step and execute it accurately, exactly as per your needs.

Creation of a company in Romania with just 2 signatures, in just 3 – 5 working days
Use of English / your preferred language in every step of the way
Preparation of the constitutive act of the company based on the client’s request and scopes of activity of the company + additional optional consulting based on our experience

Drafting of all the rest of the documents needed to set up your company.

If you wish to come to Bucharest for the paperwork to sign, we will have everything resolved in few hours’ time, including declarations in front of a notary, deposit of the social capital, preparation to open your bank accounts and more.

In case you want to resolve everything from distance, we can arrange it as well!

According to your decision on this subject, we have different solutions for your personal and your company’s bank accounts!

Registration of the company’s name, preparation of the constitutive act based on your instructions and needs, submission to your approval of the NACE codes for the company’s activities and preparation of every step before your arrival in Bucharest!

The company is usually ready within 3 to 5 working days

We will raise the documents of your new company ourselves and we will send them to you via email and (later on) courier.

The basic cost of a company incorporation includes:

Every step needed for the incorporation of the company

Collaboration only with certified, experienced translators

Correct structure of your company since the very beginning + with optional consulting based on our experience

Drafting of the Constitutive Act, based on your individual needs + optional consulting based on our experience

Many different NACE codes of activity

Support for the opening of personal and corporate bank accounts, e-banking and other banking services, covering 100% of your needs

Acquiring the VIES code for the company

The procedure for obtaining a residence card (for EU citizens) and many other services

The Annual Manual of How to Operate your Company in Romania. It includes: Every step you need to know, to efficiently run your company, all the details regarding taxation, plus anything else you might need to consider. Our clients already have deemed this booklet as “extremely useful, one of a kind”. It is renewed on annual basis.

How to issue your first invoices / how to prepare other simple but necessary documents

Plus, more services included:

The procedure to help you issue your residence permit in Romania (for EU citizens)

Resolving of the first issues that might occur and explanation of every aspect in English
Presentation and drafting of the first loan contract between the shareholder and the company (a very necessary and useful fiscal tool, which usually no one tells you about)

Annual detailed information about what documents your accountant deposited to the Fiscal Authorities on your behalf.

Monthly Newsletter, with the news of Romania and more information about the business environment, fiscal issues and more.
European Grants: Information (without additional charge)

Expand your horizons!
Set up a company in Romania!

Transform the advantages of a fast growing country and our experience

into business and profits for you!

Tens of other services available (not included in the basic cost):

Company headquarters, according to the Romanian law

Residence permit (for non EU citizens)

Residence for you to live in

Replies to simple or difficult accounting issues

Legal solutions by top professionals

Full Accounting and Tax Coverage, in collaboration with one of Romania’s top three accounting offices

(Or a low-cost accountant, for companies with a simple object of activity)

Plus, more services available:

Best deals with telecom companies, for your phone numbers.

Identification of suitable commercial spaces for your future shop

Efficient solutions for apartments to rent + drafting of the proper rental agreement

Tens of other services! Simply ask!

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