Do you want to invest in Romania? We have the experience and the turn-key solutions!

Since 2004, we have been successfully consulting hundreds of investors in their investment plans in Romania. Our top fields of expertise:

Green field investments on production / logistic facilities:

  • This is something we approach with the mindset of an investor, searching for the most feasible solutions.
  • We collaborate with one of the top constructors in this field, having delivered > 1.300.000 sq.m. of industrial or logistics’ space
  • Our solution is “turn-key”, from the identification of the right property according to client’s needs, to permitting, building and delivering the property ready to use
  • For a project like this, we can also offer many other customized services, getting involved in HR and / or anything else you may need.
  • (Excellent legal, accounting and fiscal services are also included).

Real Estate investments

  • We used to be one of the top 10 companies in the Romanian Real Estate consultancy sector (according to EY studies)
  • Our decision since then was to switch from an agency with tens of employees and clients to a “boutique firm”, with <10 clients, to whom we will be able to offer quality services
  • Usually we offer our services when the investment has a minimum of 200.000 Euros. But for clients who set up a company with us, we support them in any kind of search they have, in Bucharest or other cities
  • Apart from the Real Estate services we offer, we collaborate with some of the most experienced experts in Real Estate transactions in Romania, notaries, lawyers and architects. They are available to control and confirm the status of any property of interest.


  • We have been involved in several transactions of agricultural lands throughout the years, always following clear principles and avoiding the pitfalls and the “too good to be true” situations.
  • We update our available portfolio of properties 3 times per year and we have the necessary experts in this field, to crosscheck every document and information presented to us.
  • As the acquisition of agricultural lands in Romania is a project that requires time and respect of all legal steps, we support you on the long run, not just “identifying the property and then… we wish you good luck”.

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EU or National Grants

  • Throughout our collaboration with some of the top consultants in the sector, we have successfully concluded projects that include securing EU or National Grants for our client
  • This is a service we are offering only to the clients for setting up a company in Romania
  • Solutions and services are 100% customized, matching your project’s needs, starting from the identification of the right grants, to application and implementation, if needed.
  • Solutions for bridge financing or partial financing of your own participation can be included.


  • We do know key persons in the Romanian Banking system, but this does not mean that we are able to “get you loans that no one else can”.
  • Only for our clients, we can undertake financing projects, after we have confirmed that the client has the necessary equity for his own participation in the investment.


  • Exclusively for our clients, we offer services in the Commercial sector.
  • Consulting and input on the market trends and how the citizens of a city perceive locations and properties (local expertize)
  • Identification of the right property, high street or in malls
  • Construction with top standards
  • Turn-key delivery

Other sectors

  • R&D
  • Human Resources
  • Construction
  • Environmental services
  • Bioenergy
  • ITC

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