Let us choose what suits you best

Let us start from the very beginning: What actions are you going to perform with your future Romanian company? The reply to this question will determine which type of headquarters suits you best:
VIES is Sufficient VAT file is needed
Sale of services in Romania and / or European Union Yes -
Sale of services in Romania and / or European Union (over 60.000 Euros turnover)* - Yes
Purchase of services in Romania - -
Purchase of services by a supplier based in European Union ** - Yes
Sale of goods in European Union ** - Yes
Sale or Purchase of goods in Romania - -
Purchase of goods by a supplier based in European Union ** - Yes
* You are obliged to apply for a VAT file, to obtain VAT code.
** You are obliged to apply for a VAT file, to obtain VAT code = avoid the obligation to charge VAT when selling, or avoid being charged while purchasing

Your available options for your company’s headquarters

A. The most preferred option is a rental agreement for headquarters with Unique Identification Number

Headquarters with unique identification number are the ones being declared in a unique part of an office, they are not just a “registered address”.

They offer you the minimum necessary option to register your company and obtain VAT code (see above). This option is offered at the best “value for money” price.

Its pros: Value for money. Can host a company for unlimited period of time. Permits the company to have activity in commerce of goods, apply for VAT code, activate almost every NACE code of interest plus more. Easy and safe correspondence by post.

It's cons: Not enough for exceptions*.

(Our company provides this solution, with several versions so as to suit any needs a client might have)

Β. The simplest option is a rental agreement with a law firm (virtual headquarters), for a limited period of one year. This option is usually offered at the lowest possible cost.

Its pros: Low cost

Its cons: The client can activate using only one NACE code (consulting). This solution is usually rejected by the authorities when VAT code is required, or when the client wishes to activate more NACE codes. It cannot be offered for more than 1 year. Usual problems with documents sent by post to the company.

(If you need a simple solution, just to “check the waters”, our company can provide this to you, in an upgraded version)

C. Special categories of headquarters. For example, travel agencies should have headquarters based on the ground floor or the first floor of a building. Some NACE codes require the lease of a warehouse as well, while rare NACE codes come with more restrictions.

Its pros: Only by respecting the legislation, a client can activate in the sector of his interest

Its cons: Usually higher costs

(Our company provides customized solutions for this category of clients)

D. Your customized headquarters, based on your needs, no matter the surface and other requirements.

(Having a vast experience in the Romanian Real Estate sector, our company can provide tailor-made solutions to its clients).

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